Who We Are

Crissi Peters, REALTOR® is a self-proclaimed real estate junkie who lives and breathes all things property related! She has spent the last 7 years of her career focused on familiarizing herself with every facet of real estate. Being an associate broker is an achievement she has not taken lightly.

Crissi is a progressive and forward thinking Realtor with her approach to home sales, home buying, leasing and new construction. Her creativity and persistence benefit you as her client as she will utilize all of her skills to facilitate your transaction efficiently.

Crissi is adept at recognizing talented people and has surrounded herself with a team of experts that compliment her strengths. She has managed to create a well rounded group with whom she can rely implicitly to aid her in closing the best deal on your behalf. Her team is well aware that buying, selling, building or leasing is a personal financial decision which requires full attention. With Crissi you not only get the best, most unique Realtor, in the industry, you get impeccable customer service with your interests at heart. You can feel confident that you are a valued customer and keeping as much money in your wallet is just as important as pairing you to the living space you love.

Just as the name implies, ‘Closing’ is Crissi’s passion. Crissi loves nothing more than to close up your transaction quickly so you can get on with your life and settle into your new home. Buying a home should not become a full time job for you. Crissi can be trusted to identify the best deal for you and your family. She will put her experience to work for you from the moment you enlist her as your agent. You can’t lose when you choose Close With Crissi!

Crissi Peters
Associate Broker – United Real Estate
1425 E 86th St. Suite 200,
Indianapolis, IN 46240