If you have a home you need to sell, our staff is able to work with you to list and sell the home quickly. With our large base of buyers and investors, the ability to find a suitable buyer for your existing home will be made easier. Often we are able to move a buyer into a new home where they can focus on planning their future at a fast pace just by tapping into our referral base.

Let Crissi be your personal home buying concierge!

Are you considering buying a home but don’t know where to begin? You just found your answer!

Crissi specializes in helping buyers narrow down their needs through in-depth analysis and consultation. Our philosophy is that time is money, your time is valuable and of up-most importance to us to use wisely. We will walk you through the processes as we do all of the work for you. We are hired by you to take out the guesswork and help you find exactly what you need.Once we know your needs, we search diligently on a daily bases through all Indianapolis real estate listings to look for your next home

Whether you’re a first time homebuyer, looking to build a new home, or buying a retirement home, we are here to help. The range of options is endless and we know how easy it is to get overwhelmed! To help keep perspective our staff will ask a lot of questions intent on marrying your dream with reality.