Build My Credit

You may think that you have pretty good credit, but when you’re looking at interest rates on a 30-year mortgage, it can always be better. For each $100,000 you finance, a 1% interest rate difference can mean more than $100 per month. That’s why every point you can raise your credit score brings you that much closer to a truly great interest rate.

That’s why I work with Financial Education Services to help you learn more and build (or rebuild) your credit rating. Whether you’ve had credit problems in the past or just want to optimize your current credit score, FES can provide the services you need. And with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, they’re a name you can trust.

Whatever your real estate objectives, they’ll be easier to achieve with an optimal credit score. Contact me and let’s talk about your current financial picture, your projected timeline, and your home buying goals. I can’t wait to get started!